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Now we offer PicoWay which the best way to remove tattoos in this century.
As picoway awarded the best picolaser or picosecond laser, PicoWay is an advanced laser solution for the treatment of acne scar, wrinkles and fine line, pigmentation and melasma. Produced by Syneron Candela, USA this revolutionary technology boasts three wavelengths and uses ultra short picosecond pulses to treat a broader range of skin types in fewer treatments and with greater comfort. PicoWay is the only way that Laser Premium Clinic selects to use for our patients
To remove tattoos, picoway uses less treatment sessions than any laser, Price to remove tattoos starts from only 990 baht. Because it emits less heat than traditional lasers, PicoWay provides a more comfortable treatment with fast results and virtually no downtime. Our picolaser-picoway is performed by only dermatologist.
Medlite C6 laser is the very effective Q Switch laser for tattoo removal. Tattoo colors, types of the skin color, quality or intensity of tattoo ink and mode of laser energy will affect the results of laser tattoo removal. Now we offer the Harvard technique to reduce the overall sessions when removing tattoo with Medlite C6 laser.
The goal of the laser treatment is to reduce the tattoo particles as much as possible until totally eliminate tattoos. Clearance of the tattoo usually requires multiple sessions but we offer the special technique to fasten the results. For multicolor professional tattoo, laser treatment can be terminated when the tattoos color has no longer showing the signs of any further reduction. Wound care after the laser treatment must be followed as guideline instructed. Cold pack compression will be applied at the end after the laser treatment for 2-3 hours to relieve the pain and redness. Topical anti-inflammatory cream and topical antibiotics ointment should be continuing applied for 3-5 days. Small blisters may develop on the large tattoo and heal within 3-5 days. 
Laser tattoo removal is contraindicated in pregnant women.
Why us?
Laser Premium Clinic provides all wavelength for multicolor tattoo removal. We offer 532 nm ,1064 nm for basic tattoo colors and 650 nm for green and dark green color.
To avoid getting the scar, our doctor has had experience using advanced Medlite laser for over 10 years for all kind of tattoos.
We try to make the laser sessions required less as possible. To save the time and cost, we remove tattoo under the harvard technique.
     1.To minimize any discomfort during the laser tattoo removal treatment, a tablet of paracetamol and adequate anesthetic cream application for an hour prior to the procedure has been required.
     2.Aspirin and blood thinner medication which may promote bruising and bleeding should be stopped 7 days before the laser treatment. 
     3.Treatment scheduled is recommended at least 1-2 month apart.
     1.Redness and minimal swelling for a few days after the laser tattoo removal treatment is not uncommon. To alleviate the symptoms, apply for 2 to 3 hours or until symptoms improved with cold packs and then continuing with topical prescribed medication for 3-5 days. To prevent post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, direct sun exposure on the treated area should be avoided for 1 week. 
     2.Few blister may appear on the large tattoo. Clear fluid from the blister is possible. Pus or yellowish green discharge must be reported to the doctor right away. 
     3.Do not scrub or rub on the tattoo until the treated tattoo is completely healed which usually takes 3-5 days. 
     4.For tattoos at the ankle area or feet, standing for long peroid of hours or excessive walking can cause logging fluid. Leg elevation for at least 48 to 72 hours post treatment while sleeping is recommened until the swelling subsides.
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