Trichogenesis » Trichogenesis (non-surgical hair transplantation)

Androgenetic alopecia is an inherit condition presenting by progressive hair loss affecting both men and women. Most of them have obvious hair loss starting prior to 40 year of age. In men, hair loss usually starts from the temporal areas, producing a v shape of frontal hair line. As baldness progress, a bald patch appears on the crown of the head. Eventually, the baldness on the frontal hairline and the crown meet up leaving the M shape appearance. In women, hair loss starts diffusely on the central areas and maintain frontal hairline.

Trichogenesis is a hair rebirth program involving the topical application and mesotherapy injection of the peptide to the hair loss area of the scalp. The tricogenesis peptide is derived from stem cell technology followed by LED red light to enhance medication absorption and stimulate hair follicular growth. The procedures usually take 40 mins.

When will the treatment work?
In first 4 weeks, hair fall will decrease. Mostly, about 90% patients can see more hair density in 8 weeks. The normal hairs become thicker. In general, women hairs grow faster twice than men.

Can I do the treatment if I have been completely bald for several years?
No, if you have been bald for years. It is assumed that you have no hair follicle left. The rule is that if you have no hair follicles from some reasons such as an accident, long period of completely baldness or some area on the body that you never have hairs, these are impossible for trichogenesis program.

What are the side effects of this treatment?
No. It is only topical treatment so there are no known side effects to this treatment.

Can I have the treatment done if I am ‘breast feeding’?
No, we recommend that you finish breast feeding first then come back and start the treatment.


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