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What is syringoma?
Syringomas are benign clusters of bumps that is caused by an overgrowth of cells within the sweat glands. It can be inherited or acquire and also may occur in patients with Down's syndrome, Marfan syndrome or Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. It has been commonly found around (usually below) the eyes, chest, arm pits and valve. Asian or African American decents are at higher risk of developing eruptive syringomas in adulthood. Currently, there aren't any ways to prevent syringoma. Also, the causes of the condition remain unclear.

The main reason for syringoma removal is cosmetic concern. The goal of therapy for syringoma should be the destruction of the tumor with minimal scarring and no recurrence. However, syringomas disperse within the dermis or deep layer of the skin, complete removal is often difficult and recurrence is common. Nowadays, ultra pulseCO2 laser is the treatment of choice. Surgical excision, electrocautery and curettage is optional. There is also a reported case treating syringoma by using fractional  laser (frexel) and fractional radiofrequency(e-Matrix).


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