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What is cellulite and how to treat it?
Cellulite is the changes of the skin texture resulting in an orange peel appearance. Cellulite is more common in women. In women, fat organizes perpendicularly to the connective tissue fibers, so the tissue can pull the fats down becoming an uneven surface. Cellulite is formed in the superficial fat whereas weight loss and exercise cannot be affected.
When the fibrous septa between tissue in the connective tissue contract, the blockage of the blood and lymphatic circulation occurs leading to thick and swollen skin appearance. Also the protrusions of fat cells into the lower part of the skin can promote dimpling skin.

There are 4 stages of cellulite
Stage 1 edema
This stage is characterized by poor circulation of the blood and lymphatic systems resulting in the increasing in extracellular volume leading to hypertrophy. It is reversible.
Stage 2 fibrosis
The degeneration of the collagen and elastic fibers occurs and becomes fibrosis, while fat cells increase in their size. Then orange peel appearance is obviously seen.
Stage 3micronodules and fibrosclerosis
The degenerative changes continue and skin becomes harder when pressing it.
Stage 4 sclerosis and macronodules
The hardening of the third stage further occurs. Skin becomes a mattress appearance and absolutely irreversible.

The gold of the treatment
Increase oxygenation and improve blood and lymphatic circulation to the tissue
Increase in the new collagen production and skin elasticity
Breaking up the fibrous septum and protruded fats


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