• Hypertrophic scars and keloidal scars


    Hypertrophic scars and keloidal scars are typically raised, red or pink resulting from an abnormal fibrous wound healing process in which tissue repair and regulating mechanism control is lost. Hypertrophic scars do not exceed the margins of the original wound, whereas keloids often invade into surrounding tissue and rarely discontinue. Genetic predisposition, some forms of skin trauma, wound

  • New e-Matrix Sublative Rejuvenation or eTwo is the newest innovative sublative fractionated bi-polar radiofrequency technology for skin rejuvenation placing the non-laser fractional energy  into the upper dermis where it can produce a significant increase in both collagen and elastin synthesis with minimal epidermal disruption.
    In the past decades ago, laser for skin resurfacing and rejuvenation to promote new skin cell growing and collagen production