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PremiumThreadLift-non surgical last long facelift


Our Premium Threadlift is a new skin rejuvenation technique that involves implantation of the thin biodegradable threads into the skin. Our thread is FDA cleared for the US market and CE marked for the European Market and also Thai FDA cleared.


The benefits of our Premium threadlift


1. Maintain loosed skin-sagging skin will become upward.

2. Fill up the empty space on your skin. Thread can create net framework to fill up the loosen area.

3 Skin brightening and tightening, pore size reduction– stimulation,collagen synthesis


Is it painful?


No, to lessen the side effects and complications from the Premium thread lifting, our doctor applies only special needles which are thinner, smoother than other general needles in the market. Our Premium Thread is unique and only for aesthetic proposes.


When can I see the results after Premium Threadlift?


The results of our Premium threadlift embedding therapy will be


1. Noticeable right away

immediate effect-While the thread is applied, the tissue is compressed and elevated. Then, the patient can see visible lifting outcome. After that, optimal results will achieve within 3 months.


2. Long lasting 18 months - 36 months. Once the suture is applied, our bio-absorbable thread acts on the deeper layers of the skin and naturally stimulates collagen synthesis so that it produces its own new collagen. This action will continue over time to increase the volume of saggy areas and restores shapeliness to the face gradually and perfectly naturally.


What are the possible side effects?


Pain, swelling and minimal bruising are possible but will last only in a few days.


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