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Photo Rejuvenation & IPL Toning System
IPL (Intense Pulse Light) which is often called laser, although, in fact the laser is not the light. The laser is polarized, coherent – ordered in one direction beam of light of one wavelength. IPL consists of wide range spectrum of incoherent light waves, which due to their different lengths can be absorbed by specific chromophores in the tissues (melanin, hemoglobin, water). The effectiveness of the treatment provides a combination of pulsed laser light with a wavelength of 440nm to 1200nm.
IPL therapy is a method of clinically proven and safe. IPL has been used for photorejuvenation, removal of vascular lesions, irregular pigmentation and hairs. Our new generation of IPL has the patent of "TEMPERATURE CONTROLLER" automatically at the side of the hand piece, and also the manual mode at the screen to confirm that it will be completely safe.
      -  Pregnancy
      -  Epilepsy
      -  allergic reaction to the light
      -  Photosensitizing drugs (included in the reaction with light)

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