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What’s happening in the aging face?


The visible signs of facial aging include not only surface irregularities, such as dyspigmentation, numerous fine lines, but also coarser textural changes, such as sagging, drooping and wrinkling of facial skin. Most people concern only about rejuvenating skin. However, six layers of the face: other skin layer or epidermis, inner skin layer or dermis, fat, SMAS, muscles and bone have been totally affected. As a result, the keys to approach and reverse facial aging must be universally addressed layer by layer and choose the right targeted devices to correct the defect layers.


Outer skin layer or epidermis: fine lines, static lines, thinning skin, dyspigmentation such as sun spots, age spots and melasma, skin dullness


Inner skin layer or dermis: sagging jowl (mild to severe), larger pore, increasing fine lines, static lines, deep folds and more prominent scars from collagen reduction


Fat: loss volume of fat pockets except submental fat pocket which will always enlarge creating double chin and loss of jaw line including neck definition


SMAS (superficial musculoaponeurotic system): When we are ages, this unique layer is composed of variable strength and elasticity causing drooping skin and eyes. SMAS layer plays an important role for surgeons to manipulate during surgical face and neck lifting.


Muscle: dynamic wrinkles such as smile lines, frown lines, square face shape


Bone: volume loss from bone resorption resulting severe sagging skin


Our technology


IPL (intense pulse light) – photorejuvenation, vascular and facial redness removal

Medlite C6 laser - pigment removal, improving skin tone Co2 laser - age spot removal, solar spot or solar keratosis removal, surgical scar resurfacing ST refirm (non ablative)- stimulating collagen synthesis, skin tightening for mild to moderate sagging

e-Matrix skin resurfacing- smoothen skin, soften lines, pore reduction, acne scar removal, skin tightening and lifting (sublative), promoting collagen production, improving discoloration

Ulthera or Ultherapy (non surgical SMAS lifting)- face lift, neck lift, double chin reduction, eyebrow lift, breast lift, skin tightening, periorbital rejuvenation, drooping eye correction, widening eye


Our procedural dermatology


Botox/ Dysport injection-stop moving lines, soften fine lines, collagen re-arrangement (new technique) and facial reshaping (from square to oval)

Filler injection- correcting volume loss from collagen depletion, fat loss, and bone resorption

Thread lift- designing facial structure and increasing skin firmness Fat dissolve- double chin reduction


Our facial treatment


Oxybright - skin hydration and oxygenation, soft peeling

Deep facial cleansing- shedding dead cells, removing blackhead and clogging pores

Others- nanofacial treatment, mesotherapy, bio-revitalization


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