On 9th October, 2015 Dr. Panadda Aswanetmanee, the managing director of The Laser Premium Clinic Phuket, together with Chemico Inter Corporation Co., Ltd. were very pleased to make a donation of the FotoFinder bodystudio ATBMR, a system for Automated Total Body Skin Mapping from, Germany, with a value of 2,500,000 Baht.


The system will benefit to dermatology research and skin cancer diagnosis in the Department of Dermatology, Phramongkutklao Hospital.


FotoFinder bodystudio ATBMR is the new technology for skin cancer prevention and the first fully automated procedure for Total Body Skin Mapping in the world, designed for maximum efficiency. In minimum time, the system can generate high definition images for each of the four sides of the body, including palms and soles. As soon as the photos are saved, the integrated FotoFinder Bodyscan has already compared them with the images from the previous examination automatically to identify new and changed lesions. If required, the FotoFinder Moleanalyzer can evaluate melanocytic nevi and measure their size, diameter, color and symmetry, providing an immediate second opinion for the physician. For a patient who need to do for skin cancer screening and diagnosis, please contact Laser Premium Clinic Phuket for more information, call center 087-3006677


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Promotion Filler (Restylane or Juvederm)


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